Award: 2014 Matching Grant

1057 Logan Street

Anne Kenley and Steve Younce undertook a complete restoration of their home's west side, including repairs to the brick foundation,replacement of deteriorated wood siding, replacement of rotted wood trim, and painting of the entire area. All replaced siding and trim areas were matched to fit seamlessly with the original size and design.

1210 Conner Street (2014)

Chris and Maggie Owens repainted their home’s original wood siding.

569 Pleasant Street

William and Deborah Jamieson completed an extensive restoration of their porch’s decorative railings, posts, and trim. William painted and re-installed historic railing and trim pieces on his large wrap-around porch. Missing railing and trim pieces were custom made to match the originals. Two porch posts, which had been replaced with unsightly wood beams, were replaced with historically appropriate posts. Project work continues into 2015.

Special thanks to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Sponsors