NPA statement of support for the Nickel Plate Railroad

The Noblesville Preservation Alliance supports the preservation of the Nickel Plate railroad and train as integral to the history and heritage of Noblesville and the state of Indiana. It is our hope that a viable solution to present challenges will include the continuous operation of this unique historic treasure – from Noblesville to Indianapolis and to northern Hamilton County communities.

We encourage careful consideration of the increasing rarity and value of such trains, potential for economic benefit to our community and vital contribution to the enjoyment and education of current and future generations. Noblesville is distinguished and admired for its singular achievement of successfully managing growth while developing into a highly desirable modern community that has preserved its unique character and historic appeal.

Fortunately, Noblesville does not need to recreate the charm of the past – only to continue to value and preserve the meaningful things we have not lost. We are very proud of our beautiful city, and view the train as an essential component of its character and appeal. Please consider preserving this irreplaceable community asset.

Dated: 7/7/2017

Special thanks to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Sponsors