Forest Park Interurban Shelter Project

Travelers ready to board an Interurban Stop in Noblesville

The Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department donated the building below to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance with the expectation that we would renovate it and put it to good use. This is an original shelter for Indiana’s Interurban transportation network, a privately owned system of electric streetcars that connected the state’s cities and towns in the early 1900’s. These shelters were located throughout the state 100 years ago but most have disappeared over the years. The system was dismantled by the late 30’s. This shelter was believed to have been moved to this location from elsewhere in the park and was used for many years by the Parks Department as a storage and rental facility.

NPA is in process of securing donations to rehab the building, which has structural issues and a shaky foundation. The effort was set in motion by an initial grant from Legacy Fund, and has since been moved forward by commitments from Myers Construction Management, Peterson Architecture, Sagamore Ready Mix and Lowes. The rehabilitation consists of pouring a concrete foundation around the perimeter, reinforcing and re-shingling the roof, replacing the soffit, scraping and painting the exterior and installing walls on the interior, which is currently just studs. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our donors, who have made this project possible for us, and Noblesville Parks for choosing renovation over demolition.

When completed by Spring, 2017, this shelter will serve as a reminder of a once-thriving public transit system. We intend to commission a plaque that will tell the story of the interurban and recognize the contributors to this project. The building itself will serve as a resource for local non-profits to use for their choice of activities. NPA will manage the building.

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Pictured Above - Travelers waiting to board the Interurban Train in front of an Interurban Shelter.

Special thanks to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Sponsors